The Truth About Cowboys - Lisa Renee Jones

The Truth About Cowboys

By Lisa Renee Jones

  • Release Date: 2019-08-27
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 4.5
From 156 Ratings


Steamy, sexy, and laugh-out-loud funny, THE TRUTH ABOUT COWBOYS is a new contemporary novel that will pull your heartstrings and steam up your e-reader…

While I was off pitching in the big leagues, my family was back in the small town of Sweetwater, Texas, running the family ranch. Then tragedy hit and I discovered there were secrets that my family kept, problems they hid. I went home, left behind the money, women, and fame. I took over the ranch and took care of my grandmother. I took over hiding the secrets. Then she came to town. A smart-mouthed, clumsy, too-smart-and-too-pretty-for-my-own-good city girl hiding out to write a book. She's right here, on my property, in the cottage my grandmother rented her without my permission, and she sees too much. She knows too much.

Now suddenly my world is spinning, and she's shoving a baseball back in my hand while baking cookies with my grandmother. She's the devil and an angel all in one fiery little package. I decide I'll wait her out. She'll go back to the city. Only suddenly I don't want her to leave, and everything I’ve settled for in my life isn't enough. I want to play ball and I want her, but there's that secret that won't let go, but neither will she.

Each book in the Texas Heat series is STANDALONE:
* The Truth About Cowboys
* Tangled Up In Christmas


  • Jessica and Jason

    By Agent$$$$
    Jessica, a high-powered divorce attorney, has just had the worst day of her life. After discovering her fiancé with his secretary and then placed on leave for calling a client a lying cheater, Jessica leaves Dallas. Jessica makes a hasty decision to rent a cabin, in the middle of the country, in Sweetwater, Texas. On her way to the cabin, her car gets stuck in the mud and she’s “rescued” by a gruff cowboy. Although she is drawn to the cowboy, she secretly wonders if he’s an axe murderer. She’s drawn to him, but his mistrust is off-putting. Then, she gets a good look at him and realizes who he is... Jason has no use for a city girl like Jessica. He’s lived the city life and doesn’t want the reminders of what he was forced to leave behind. After suffering the tragic loss of his parents, Jason leaves MLB to return to Sweetwater and the ranch he grow up on. The ranch that is secretly struggling to stay afloat. Even after putting his life savings into the ranch, Jason’s barely able to pay his employees. A return to his MLB pitching career would solve his financial situation, but he vows to never leave his grandma behind again. Between Martha’s crazy antics, Kelly the hairless cat, and the banter between Jason and Jessica this novel is a hilarious mess! I loved Jessica’s strength, determination, klutziness, and inability to cook. I liked that she wasn’t whiny and didn’t take crap from Jason. She endeared herself to him, tearing down his walls and becoming the best ball girl a pitcher could ever dream of. Jessica’s faith in Jason propelled him to overcome his fear of failure and take a chance on living again. I loved his plans for the ranch and his yoga, match-making granny! The best in opposites attract stories! I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.
  • Intense!!!!!

    By Crystal's Book World
    The Truth About Cowboys will make you have a love/hate relationship with the story. It has a slow burn that will kill you slowly. Some may not like that in a story, and some like me will be begging for more. I had so much emotions running through me as I am not very patient. But good things come to those who wait, and believe me, this is worth the wait! What am I rambling about? Well that will bring some spoiler alerts. But I will say, you will love Jessica and Jason's story. You will love the side characters (hint hint Martha). But most of all, The Truth About Cowboys is memorable and will stay in your head for days to come!
  • Very enjoyable read!

    By Texas109
    The Truth About Cowboys is one fine read with characters readers will fall in love with. Divorce lawyer, Jessica flees to Sweetwater, TX after her engagement and her job implode. She has rented a little cottage from Martha, who neglected to tell her the cottage was actually owned by her grandson, former Yankee’s pitcher, Jason Jenks. These two are like oil and water...or maybe more like oil and vinegar...which when shaken blend together quite nicely. While the dialogue and situations are cute, clever, sassy, and sexy, the story has a lot of depth. Jessica and Jason have issues with trust and self-esteem which only makes their sparring more fun to read about. Add in the very strong character of Martha, a 70 year old opinionated super talented baker with a knack for pulling strings and readers are in for a real treat. I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book from NetGalley. Most highly recommend.
  • She hit this one out of the park

    By Tammyemd
    This is so amazing. Lisa really hit this one out of the park. I loved everything about this story. Jason and Jessica have the best banter back-and-forth. I laughed so much all the way through this book. I wish I could give this book more than 5 stars.
  • The truth is I loved this cowboy!

    By starstacy
    This is book is so good! I laughed, I cried & I loved all the characters! Jason, the cowboy, & Jessica, the city girl, have a chemistry from the beginning, & they have a hate to lust to love relationship. The push/pull between them almost became too much for me at a certain point, but that just means I cared so much about these two characters & their relationship. I felt for both of them so much, but Jessica really struck a chord with me. I loved all the secondary characters as well! This book was well written, beautifully flows, engaging storyline, in depth characters & a happy ending that made me smile. I definitely recommend this book! I received a copy of this ebook from the publisher/author/Netgalley for my honest review.
  • Original Story

    By MelissaNY666
    Fantastic and an original story. Cabin on the ranch, making fantastic cookies and falling in love. A must read.
  • a fun and enjoyable read

    By Anna (Anna’s Bookshelf)
    I found The Truth About Cowboys to be an entertaining and enjoyable read. How can one not love a hero who is both a sports star and a cowboy? Swoon! The two characters start off as enemies - a city girl and a country boy who “clash like fire and ice”, but the attraction between them was undeniable. They each had their strengths, but also flaws, thus making them relatable. I found some of the banter between Jessica and Jason to be rather humorous. The storyline was entertaining with the underlying themes of self discovery and learning to trust - something that I think many of us can identify with. I really loved watching them each evolve as characters as they discovered what really made them happy and what they really wanted out of life. There were times where I wanted to shake Jason as it seemed he just couldn't get past jumping to conclusions and passing judgment on Jessica even though she more than proved she is trustworthy. Nonetheless, I couldn't help but love these characters and wish for their HEA. I also adored Martha as she is the quintessential grandmother with her matchmaking ideas, wisdom, and of course, cookie baking. This book is different from other books that I have read by this author as I have mostly read her more darker romantic suspense novels (i.e. Dirty Rich series and the Filthy Trilogy) and The Truth About Cowboys has a different feel to it. It is more of a contemporary small town romance. I read a complimentary version of this book.
  • Fantastic!

    By Astroyic
    This was such a Fantastic read. So entertaining! Lisa Renee Jones brings awesome hate-flirt in this enemies to lovers romance that had me smiling big time. Sparks fly and Jason meets his match, when broken-hearted, divorce attorney, “City girl” Jessica rents out a isolated cabin. Swoon worthy hero? Check. Strong determined heroine? Check. Major attitude and animosity? Check. Being in total denial of your feelings? Oh Yeah! Interfering Grandma? Check. Check. Jason and Jessica were so awesome together. Their animosity and heat towards one another was off the charts and I loved being absorbed into it all. Their conflicts made for the best one liners, great verbal sparing and sizzling chemistry. There were just so many great moments between them and I couldn’t get enough. These two clash and its ridiculously fantastic! I love the bickering and tension. And when they explode they explode! I also love straight shooting Grandma Martha and everything she does to throw these two together. Get ready for some serious fun, a whole lot of of emotion, heartwarming charm, and off the charts sexy in this Incredibly Fantastic story. I’m a huge fan of Lisa Renee Jones and books like “The Truth About Cowboys” is why. It’s the kind of book you can get lost in and never want to leave. What a way to start off this series!
  • Fun read add to your TBR

    By ledoss
    A fun romp through the back range of Texas, which includes snakes, mice, cats and of course horses. The interplay between Jason and Jessica is intense and entertaining, the trust issues and overbearing anger Jason exhibits regularly becomes old by the end of the book. The story line is entertaining and should be added to your TBR list, quirky and a great read