The Triumph of Injustice: How the Rich Dodge Taxes and How to Make Them Pay - Emmanuel Saez & Gabriel Zucman

The Triumph of Injustice: How the Rich Dodge Taxes and How to Make Them Pay

By Emmanuel Saez & Gabriel Zucman

  • Release Date: 2019-10-15
  • Genre: Business & Personal Finance


America’s runaway inequality has an engine: our unjust tax system.

Even as they became fabulously wealthy, the ultra-rich have had their taxes collapse to levels last seen in the 1920s. Meanwhile, working-class Americans have been asked to pay more. The Triumph of Injustice presents a forensic investigation into this dramatic transformation, written by two economists who revolutionized the study of inequality. Eschewing anecdotes and case studies, Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman offer a comprehensive view of America’s tax system, based on new statistics covering all taxes paid at all levels of government. Their conclusion? For the first time in more than a century, billionaires now pay lower tax rates than their secretaries.

Blending history and cutting-edge economic analysis, and writing in lively and jargon-free prose, Saez and Zucman dissect the deliberate choices (and sins of indecision) that have brought us to today: the gradual exemption of capital owners; the surge of a new tax avoidance industry, and the spiral of tax competition among nations. With clarity and concision, they explain how America turned away from the most progressive tax system in history to embrace policies that only serve to compound the wealth of a few.

But The Triumph of Injustice is much more than a laser-sharp analysis of one of the great political and intellectual failures of our time. Saez and Zucman propose a visionary, democratic, and practical reinvention of taxes, outlining reforms that can allow tax justice to triumph in today’s globalized world and democracy to prevail over concentrated wealth.

A pioneering companion website allows anyone to evaluate proposals made by the authors, and to develop their own alternative tax reform at


  • A joke....

    By Nick - the CPA
    I have been a practicing CPA for over 21 years. I read this book thinking it would be an independent opinion on the US tax system. I was curious as to be aware of how others perceive taxes. The charts and statistics are useless. They are bent in a way to make the authors own opinions seem factual. For example, you state early in the book that labor pays 15% employment tax - they do not, they pay half of that that the corporation that you deem terrible pays the other half. This is basic taxes & you simply stated 15% to make your socialist views seems factual. Also - you clearly don’t understand how the S-Corps work & the taxation of such. Nonetheless, this books is simply silly, one sided, misleading which makes it a false read.